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Restore Your Chipped Teeth to Get Back Your Beautiful Smile

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Although the enamel is the hardest part of the body, there are chances of it chipping away when you sustain a hard blow to the mouth, have a bad fall, or chew on something too hard. This can entirely ruin the aesthetics of your smile, lead to frequent embarrassment, and even affect the functionality of the mouth. All these factors call for a need to get such teeth soon restored by a professional dentist.

What to do when you sustain a damaged tooth?

You could keep chewing on something such as hard candy or ice cubes, and suddenly feel a sharp pain in the teeth. Maybe that’s a chipped tooth due to excessive force applied to it. Or, you may sustain a sports injury to the mouth, which could break a part of the tooth. In such situations, try to stay calm and avoid touching the tooth as it could transfer a lot of microbes from your hand to the infected region. Gurgle with clean water to remove any bits of tooth debris. In case there is bleeding, try to control it using a fresh piece of gauze. Get to a dentist as soon as possible, where you’ll be given the right first aid along with pain-relieving medication.

How can a chipped tooth be restored?

Filling material and composite bonding

A tooth filling is a ceramic or composite material that’s commonly used to fill cavities. It can also be used to treat minor tooth chipping as well. The tooth-colored material is made to match the exact color of your teeth. It will be applied on the damaged edge and shaped according to the contour required, after which it would be hardened using a suitable curing light.


Veneers are wafer-thin pieces of ceramic that can be made to exactly mimic the appearance of a tooth. When a tooth gets chipped, it can be restored by bonding a veneer to its face. The tooth will be cleaned thoroughly, prepared by buffing a thin layer of enamel, and the pre-fabricated veneer will be bonded to its surface. Anyone who looks at you smile or talk wouldn’t have the faintest idea that the tooth has been restored. Such is the visual similarity that a veneer has with the natural enamel.


Dental crowns are perhaps the most useful tooth restorations out there. They are cap-like structures that cover an entire tooth, thereby helping to keep it intact. When a crown is bonded to a tooth, it prevents the propagation of any cracks sustained. They are highly durable, tough, and look exactly like a natural tooth.

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